Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kitchen Queries: POrk Chop Boredom

Kelly L. asked: "I am tired of cooking the same old pork chops all the time. Do you have any ideas?"

Oh do I! So many of us fall into a routine with our cooking. Between how your parents did things and the magic of Shake & Bake it's easy to feel at a loss for new ideas for your favorite cuts of meat. Pork chops are about as versitile as chicken breasts though, so there's a lot of possibilities!

Go with the boneless ones. You can cut them into strips and use them in stir-fry recipes just like you would with chicken or beef. Or leave them whole, dust with salt, pepper, and flour, and brown in a bit of olive oil. Take them out of the pan and throw in 3/4 cup chicken broth, 1/4 cup white wine, and a tablespoon of grainy mustard. Let that reduce to about 1/2 cup and spoon over the pork chops. You can do so much with a simple pan sauce. Another option would be to saute some sliced apples and onion until soft (after removing the chops), sprinkle with some flour and slowly add 1/2 c chicken broth and 1/2 cup apple cider ( a tablespoon of bourbon wouldn't hurt...). Let that simmer until thick, whisking constantly, and you have a great cider gravy for your chops - I'm a fan of sweet-savory combinations. OR you could cut a little pocket in them and stuff them (one of my favorites). you can make your own stuffing or use prepared store-bought stuffing. Just cram it in the pocket and bake! I'll be featuring a recipe for that soon, but in the meantime you can search "stuffed pork chops" and find a wealth of great recipes. My favorite sites are Epicurious and Allrecipes .

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