Saturday, May 7, 2011

Great Beginnings

This is easily the most exciting part of vegetable gardening - when the first fruits of your labor begin to make their appearances. Little tomato nubbins that seem to turn into green globes overnight, the tiniest of beans and pea blossoms, pinkie-sized peppers...It's all so fascinating, and it's a beautiful moment of realization that yes, you are competent with dirt and seed and shovel. It's also a reminder that soon, you will not have to pay out the wazoo for sub-par tomatoes at the store. No, soon you will step out of your back door, pluck one still warm from the sun, and literally taste summer. Even the edibles that grow wild are peeking up at the sun. There are gobs of wild blackberries all around where we live, and Chris brought me the first ripe one two days ago. "There's...thousands...of them," he said with a huge goofy smile, "they'll all be ready in another week or two." Of course we both knew that already, but the excitement of many, many pounds of free berries is just too much to contain...(Ok, not entirely free. One must brave briars and -possibly- snakes to get at them, but they are worth the risks)

I really enjoy taking pictures of our veggies as they grow, and god bless the macro setting on a digital camera. It makes me look like a legitimate photographer sometimes. So here, I present to you, a little photo essay of what are most certainly some great beginnings:

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  1. Well done on the pics babe...